Our Company Name Is _________________ .


by: Joel Bryan
in: Branding

Our Company Name Is _________________ .

This is an interesting moment in time. When I first hear the name of a company, I'm anticipating fireworks and an explosion of fresh ideas — but sometimes crickets fill the space between my ears. But that's okay, it's not always supposed to be so easy.

This is a logo project and the ideas must be nurtured and developed until it is time to release the chosen one out into the wild. But what does it require to create a bold new identity that can withstand the test of time?


Sketching and research go hand in hand. The inspiration for a logo can come from a number of places — the history or symbolic representation of a name or the use of letterforms to create an idea or graphic representation of the product or service.

Our Company Name Is _________________ .

Turning over stones and sketching what is found is how the initial concepts of a logo are defined. It's quick and rough, but the initial sketches will serve as a bookmark as to where the mind was at a given point during the process.


It's time to prepare creative that is acceptable for client consumption. Sketches are refined and artwork is brought to the computer screen. Type may be introduced and rough edges become smooth. All initial concepts are presented in black and white so the decision process is not biased based on color preference.

Our Company Name Is _________________ .


Once a concept or two receives the green light the logo is then exposed to an endless array of color combinations. There is a method to the madness. What is your industry? Who do you want to be to your customers and prospects?

Our Company Name Is _________________ .

Often the objectives and personality of a company will determine the color palette of a logo before an individual's personal preference. At this point the Pantone color matching system is incorporated into the logo to ensure consistency when the artwork is reproduced.

Finally a new logo is born and the process of showing it off begins.

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